Acacea (windswept1) wrote,

Drabble: Inheritance

One more for the "Sharp" challenge...


There is much of Denethor in Faramir.

There is that stone-cold gaze. Despite the wounds from battle, and otherwise, Faramir’s eyes have lost none of the piercing quality that proclaims him Denethor’s son.

"Where is my father?"

Then there is in his voice that same acidic bitterness when Gandalf does not reply.

"Are you going to evade my queries too, Mithrandir? Will you, at least, tell me how he died?"

And there is that same incisive bent of mind.

"Yes I will," Gandalf replies.

Faramir’s eyes soften. There is also much of Denethor that is not in Gondor’s new Steward.


This one is begging to be a longer fic someday:o
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