Acacea (windswept1) wrote,

Drabble: The Steward and the Wizard

For the Envy challenge on tolkien_weekly.. still feels slightly beta-ish tho...:o

The Steward and the Wizard


The voice sounds so shrill and excited that it causes Denethor to turn around and frown at the boy running across the courtyard towards their visitor.

Faramir halts abruptly when he nears them and then stands by irresolutely chewing his lower lip before lowering his head. His bright eyes now have a wary look about them.

Denethor greets the wizard first and then watches as his younger son looks up and steps forward quietly. Faramir's words are so soft they are nearly inaudible. Yet, Denethor's ears cannot miss in his voice the smile that he never gets to hear.


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